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Authenticity, quality, proximity: Eric and Jo have installed Joeric at 47 rue des Trois Bornes, between Goncourt, Parmentier and Couronnes subways.

Quality First: "JoEric" has been committed since its opening to use no preparation ready for use. The sauce funds come from the direct cooking of meat and fish, the vegetables are used in their simplest expression to keep all the flavor, the fruits are offered in pie, salads or compotes having finished their maturation on shelves installed in a temperate cellar.

A nice story. "JoEric" is the realization of the path of the two partners:

- Eric (the Norman), landscape architect is passionate about cooking since his childhood. His professional reconversion was accompanied by a training at Ferrandi, the French school of gastronomy in Paris. He officiates every day in the kitchen.

- Jo (Corsican!) Began his professional career in the world of catering, to continue in the entertainment world. He provides the service in the room and the preparation of the "exotic" menu.

These two mixed paths give "JoEric" a place apart in the world of Parisian restaurants, between family table and small quality house.

JoEric offers authentic French cuisine, made with fresh products, scrupulously chosen by Eric on the Parisian markets, from recognized suppliers or directly from quality craftsmen.

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